Computer Hardware Suppliers

Computer Hardware

Before heading into building a computer or just working with the hardware, obviously you need to get it supplies from somewhere. So here is a list of some of the major computer hardware suppliers today.

Tiger Direct -icon A personal favorite. In business for over 20 years(according to the site), Tiger Direct iconhas a huge variety of pc components as well as ready-to-use systems. They also sell bare-bones kits, which are a good start for a someone just beginning understanding how to build a computer. They easily have some of the best prices around on hardware and basically everything else they sell. Much of the time they have free shipping(not all of the time) and in certain states you may not even have to pay sales tax, thus you get an extremely good deal. They also have good customer service and fast delivery times. They even include explanations of parts on their website. On a side-note, CompUSA is now part of Tiger Direct.

Newegg – Another excellent retailer in the same vein as Tiger Direct. One of best online tech retails, hands down.  Their prices are in line with Tiger Direct, so they are very competitive. They have a vast variety of parts and whole systems; basically anything you can think of.  And just like Tiger Direct, they sell more than just computer supplies. Both of these great stores seem to have the same values that are the basis of their business model; they are very customer service oriented.

Amazon -  What doesn’t Amazon sell? Amazon is the go-to internet retailer of choice, and the reasons are obvious. They have very competitive prices and fast. They are well-known and trusted, something very important for an internet company. They also have great return policies if you are not satisfied with what your purchase. While they are not necessarily tech-focused, they still offer a vast product line and great prices; another recommended retailer.

Bestbuy – Few people have not heard of BestBuy. It’s an old-fashioned brick and mortar biz that’s been around for years. While it is a competitive business and has an online presence, it tends to be more expensive than online retailers, such as Tiger Direct and Newegg.

So if you are buying a computer or building a computer, then these are some of the best computer hardware suppliers around. The two favorites are Tiger Direct and Newegg by far; they offer a huge variety of products, customer service is good, shipping is usually fast, and the prices are seriously hard to beat. These are recommended. While Amazon is recommended as an online retailer in general.

However, whichever online company you choose to do business with, ALWAYS do research on them before your first purchase. Check forums and the BBB for other customers’experiences. This could save you much pain and frustration later on if you find out that the company you used is fraudulent. The internet is still FULL of shady websites and that is not likely to change anytime soon. Other than that, continue on with learning computer hardware basics, and if you can, practice with the hardware itself. Experience is always the best teacher.